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Recognize the Symptoms of Disease and Heart Attack in Men and Women

Although generally the same, the symptoms of disease and heart attack in men and women have several differences. Know what the differences are so that you are not wrong to ignore this dangerous condition. Heart disease and heart attack are two related conditions. Heart disease is all conditions or conditions that make the heart not function normally, such as heart failure or congenital abnormalities in the heart. While a heart attack is a condition of heart disease that is often caused by a blockage in the arteries leading to the heart or coronary heart disease. Heart Disease in Men and Women There are several factors that can increase the risk of heart disease, both in men and women, namely hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes mellitus, history of infection, family history of heart disease, age, and lifestyle, such as smoking, eating habits unhealthy, and excessive alcohol consumption. Even so, there are some differences in heart disease in men and women, although
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Andrologist, Solution to Male Reproductive System Problems

Andrologists are specialists who specialize in dealing with problems in the male reproductive system. Not only that, the problems handled by andrology doctors also include hormonal disorders and infertility in men. Andrology is a branch of medical science that specializes in studying the structure and function of the male reproductive system. Meanwhile, andrology doctors are doctors who focus on dealing with male health problems, especially those related to male infertility (fertility disorders), reproductive system, and sexual function disorders. Before becoming an andrologist, a general practitioner must undergo more education for approximately 6 semesters to get the degree of Andrologist (Sp.And). After the education or residency period is completed, then the andrology doctor can open a private practice or become part of the medical team at the hospital. Male Reproductive System Problems That Can Be Treated by Andrologists Modern andrology utilizes various achievements in the

Have health insurance from now

Having health insurance since young can save a lot of expenses for treatment when attacked by the disease. With insurance, your medical expenses can be helped, according to the benefits of the previously chosen product. Most Indonesians still pay for their own health costs from savings. Only 30 percent of Indonesia's population has private health insurance. Even though health costs inflation reached 10-15 percent per year due to rising prices of drugs, equipment, and doctor's fees. Having health insurance since you are young actually brings many benefits. Generally do not require a medical examination because they are considered less at risk of illness. The amount of premiums that need to be paid is relatively smaller compared to those just beginning to be insured at an advanced age. If you do not have health insurance, you can start checking product options and look for information about the benefits from now on. Health Insurance Facility from the Office Generally co